fabio bignolini


Fabio. 32 anni. In love with the wind.

Project Manager di Northern Light Sailing Team

Founder Northern Light Composites

Sport Director SVBG for Barcolana 51

ORC Italian Champion 2020 – Gaeta

ORC Italian Champion 2016 – Palermo

ORC European Champion 2016 – Porto Carras, Grecia

Silver Medal ORC Worlds 2019 Sibenik, Croazia

More than 3000 nm in mediterranean sea between 2015 and 2020.

Project & Boat Management

I deal with the management of:

  1. sailing events, planning the organization, logistical and technical aspects of the events (authorizations, notices of race, on water activities);
  2. management of racing boats: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance planning, management of insurance policies and claims, development and planning of ORC optimization.

Latest activities

2020 Northern Light Composites founder (ecoprimus, ecoracer)

2012-2020 team and boat management for Northern Light Sailing Team (two times Italian Champion 2016/2020, European Champion 2016, second place World Championship 2019)

2016-2019 Barcolana ( Coppa d’Autunno Events, TP Luna Rossa Launch, J/70 Circuit Event, Guineess World Record)

2017-2019 Lega Italiana Vela J/70 Fleet Management for Barcolana Srl

Sail Media

Social Media Manager and Web Designer for Sailing Projects

Latest activities

2020 Northern Light Composites 2019 PR J/70 Italian Class 2018 corsa915.com 2017 netusyachtbrokers.com + legavelaservizi.it 2016 matteopolliyd.com 2015 svbg.it  2014 csntrieste.it  2013 northernlightsailing.com